In the News: Recreating “ghost neighborhoods” destroyed by highways

September 16, 2022

In the News: Recreating “ghost neighborhoods” destroyed by highways

This image shows the Hanford Village and Driving Park neighborhoods in 1961. It also shows the modern day I-70 highway, and the buildings destroyed or relocated for its construction, highlighted in red. The project is also gathering historic photos, archival documents and narratives to create story maps that will tell the tales of neighborhoods lost to highway construction.

This week, CURA was featured in the Ohio State News, regarding our Ghost Neighborhoods project. CURA has launched the Ghost Neighborhood of Columbus project to help people understand what was destroyed by urban highway construction in the 20th century, and support research on reconstruction of the wealth, vitality and activities that have vanished. The Ghost Neighborhoods team includes CURA Director Harvey Miller, Associate Director Ningchuan Xiao, Outreach Coordinator Gerika Logan, geography PhD candidate Yue Lin, undergraduate history majors Eva Heyer and Michael Smith, and faculty affiliates Jason Reece (Knowlton School), Joshua Sadvari (OSU Libraries). 

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