Temporary OSU Geocoder

As we have moved towards using ArcGIS Online (AGOL) as a campus, we have discovered that geocoding service through AGOL still consume credits. We have also learned that we do not currently have unlimited credits as an institution so we have created a local geocoder instance that is available until we know more.

Usage Constraints

  • The geocoder is available for OSU students, staff and faculty for OSU-related activities or research and cannot be used for profit in any way or by 3rd parties not affiliated with OSU.
  • Data provided by the service cannot be delivered to off-campus entities without making a request to for approval.
  • There is no assumption of accuracy or quality of the service or its results. The service is provided as-is.
  • The service may be discontinued at any time due to abuse or changes to licensing agreements with ESRI.
  • We do not offer any instructions on the use of the service besides what is found on this page. ESRI has documentation on how to run geocoding analyses using their product.
  • Additional non-CURA automated services cannot be built using this service and, if detected, the geocoding service will be shutdown.
  • There is a limit of 200,000 geocodes per session.

How to Use in ArcMap

  • In Catalog (see following image upper red box) – add a new ArcGIS Server under GIS Servers (lower red box) – these steps will add it:




The server url instance is:


After you hit finish, it will add the connection to the server in the list of ArcGIS Servers

Now leave ArcCatalog and open ArcMap.

  • Turn on the geocoding extension and the toolbar will show – use the pulldown on the left to add a reference to the new service by clicking on <Manage Address Locations…>

Click Add on the right side of the dialog that appears and it will bring up a box that asks you to point to the locator – you should have the ArcGIS Server from the first step and it will look something like the following (I have more connections than you will have so look for arcgis on cura-web.asc.ohio-state,edu (user), select that and hit add – see following:


It will move into a directory type dialog – from there go to the geocoding folder:


Select North_America_Locator_2015 and hit add – see following (Note: the tiger geocode service has been removed temporarily so it won’t appear in the following image):


The Address Locator Manager will show again and you should see the locator you just added (bottom of list most likely):

  • Now that the locator is updated, you can geocode using the Geocoding toolbar



  • The mailbox button allows you to load a table of addresses to geocode. It will ask you which locator to use but it should select the one you just added. Hit ok and it will ask you for the table to geocode. It should look something like the following. Make sure that the fields used in the geocoding service are linked to the correct fields – e.g. in my data the full address is ADDRESS1.:



  • Then set options and click ok to run the batch geocoding.