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CURA participates in projects that help fulfill our mission to serve as a transdisciplinary research and outreach hub that specializes in geospatial science to better understand the issues and challenges facing cities and regions in Ohio and beyond. Recent projects have focused on the following areas of research:

  1. Public Health
  2. Sustainability
  3. Economic Development
  4. Transportation

While many of our projects are long-term — spanning one year or more — we recognize our role as an authority for GIScience on campus and try to accommodate smaller-scale opportunities to support researchers as well.

2021-2022 has brought new and exciting research pathways that have allowed us to build upon existing skills. CURA is currently working on 14 different projects both at Ohio State and in the local community. CURA has also worked across many fields of academia to offer our expertise in spatial and temporal analysis, GIS based web-mapping, and tool and app development.

If you need assistance with a project please fill out this Form and we will reach out to you to discuss it further.