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Leadership Team


Directors at CURA contribute to the Center through engagement, collaboration, and support. They are active in CURA events and energetically seek out new CURA-related projects through their networks. Directors also collaborate with other University units under the CURA banner, as well as work closely with CURA staff to assist on projects as needed. Their support is critical to the Center’s mission to serve as a bridge across academia, industry, and the policy sector and integral to our goal of becoming the hub for urban issues at The Ohio State University.

  • Harvey Miller (Director); Professor; Department of Geography
  • Ningchuan Xiao (Associate Director); Professor; Department of Geography

Advisory Board

The CURA Advisory Board is comprised of seats allocated to organizations whose interests are aligned with ours.  We consider these organizations to be key partners in the pursuit of our mission, and we believe the expert guidance provided by their representatives is critical to the success of our organization.