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Regional Sustainability Dashboard

Regional Sustainability Dashboard

The Regional Sustainability Dashboard provides the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date representation of the region’s sustainability goals, as defined in the Regional Sustainability Agenda, and serves as the official status report for progress toward those goals. The dashboard is intended for use by anyone with an interest in the sustainability of the region including planners, elected officials, researchers, the media, and members of the general public.

The Regional Sustainability Dashboard is a collaboration between CURA and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to design a dashboard that serves as the official status report for Central Ohio’s progress toward the Regional Sustainability Agenda, which sets the framework for communities and regional partners to work toward common goals. It was created out of the need for greater access to data and information in order to shed light on the impacts of collective sustainability efforts across the 15-county region. 

The dashboard helps measure actions that have contributed toward five broad goals, or categories:

  • Energy Consumption – How Central Ohio can conserve energy by reducing our energy use, take advantage of renewables, and use alternative transportation modes.
  • Natural Resources – How Central Ohio can protect our environment, air quality, and water.
  • Economic Opportunity – How Central Ohio businesses can take advantage of sustainable practices to be more competitive.
  • Sustainable Neighborhoods – How Central Ohio can put in place infrastructure and services that improve the quality of life for residents and make their everyday lives healthier and safer.
  • Collaboration – How Central Ohio can build more partnerships, educate people on sustainable practices, and be more committed to its future.

The dashboard project received the Collaborative Achievement in Sustainability Award that recognizes a group of entities or individuals who have shown effectiveness in producing environmental accomplishments through a collaborative effort. The Regional Sustainability Dashboard project began in the spring of 2019. The design of the dashboard was created by the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis under the direction of the Sustainability Dashboard Working Group and MORPC.

The Regional Sustainability Dashboard can be accessed at rsd.morpc.org. It will be regularly updated as more data and information on the region’s progress becomes available.