CURIO Dashboard


CURIO is live!  Take it for a test drive at:

The Columbus Urban and Regional Information Observatory, also known as CURIO, is one of CURA's flagship projects.  CURIO is a web application that brings together spatio-temporal information about Columbus and the surrounding region from a variety of sources and presents the information to the user in intuitive and insightful ways.  The data is thoughtfully curated to provide a near-realtime snapshot of the social, economic, infrastructural, and environmental fabric of the city.  CURIO consists of the following features:



Screen capture of the CURIO dashboard, showing a heatmap of tweets and realtime-bus locations in Central Ohio and charts showing a variety of urban data.

The landing page for CURIO is the dashboard itself, which features an interactive map of the Central Ohio area and a variety of interactive charts displaying urban data such as:

  • COGO bikeshare stations and realtime bike availability
  • Key demographics from the U.S. Census
  • Tweets, including origin and topic
  • Air quality measurements from several stations
  • Traffic camera photos from a variety of locations, updated in near realtime
  • Driving trip durations for several representative trips over the past 24 hours
  • Buses, including the quanity in operation and their realtime locations for the past 24 hours
  • Aggregate bus delays by route type for the past 24 hours.

Map gallery


Screen capture showing the CURIO Map Gallery with several layers visible including OSU campus bus routes and parking lots

The Map Gallery provides an interactive web map that can be customized by overlaying layers representing a variety of categories including points of interest, transportation, demographics, and environmental features.  Not finding the layer you want?  You can even add your own!

Transit delay visualization tool


Screen capture showing CURIO's bus delay visualization tool with a map of realtime bus locations and time-series delay information in chart and tabular form

The transit delay visualization tool allows the user to review (and playback) realtime bus location data in 6-hour increments and to visualize the cumulative delay (by bus line and in aggregate) over the course of that time period.  Multiple time periods can be overlaid on the plot to allow comparison of the delays for different days and times.

Transit accessibility visualization tool


Screen capture of CURIO's transit accessibility visualization tool showing the bus stops that are accessible in 60 minutes from an origin location in Franklinton based on schedule (in blue) and realtime bus location data (in red).

The transit accessibility visualization tool allows the user to see what bus stops can be accessed from a particular origin (depicted as black pin) in a specified amount of time.  It can show accessibility based on published schedule (depicted in blue) or based on the realtime bus data for the specified date and time (depicted in red).   The tool provides a powerful means of visualizing mobility on the bus network, as well as the impact that delays have on this mobility.