Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

July 20, 2018
Friday, November 9, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Thompson Library, Campus Reading Room
speaker series

Preparing for A Changing Mobility Future: Emerging Planning Issues

Founder and Executive Director, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

We live in a period of rapid change. Planners, policy makers and other community members need practical guidance for understanding, evaluating and respond to emerging issues. This presentation explores how to do this. It examines the impacts of current demographic and economic trends, such as aging population and rural poverty, on future travel demands and housing preferences; emerging community goals such as affordability, public safety and health, and local economic development; and the implications of new technologies such as ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles. It discusses how to apply comprehensive analysis to these changes, and develop responses that maximize benefits and minimize problems.

This event is made possible through a partnership with OSU Office of Outreach and Engagement, OSU Center for Human Ethics and Values, OSU Corporate Engagement Office, OSU Office of Energy and Environment,  and OSU Sustainable and Resilient Economy Initiative.