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Journal of Geographical Systems Best Paper Award

April 3, 2024

Journal of Geographical Systems Best Paper Award

Luyu Liu, Adam Porr, and Harvey Miller

Former CURA GRA, Luyu Liu, former consulting manager and senior researcher, Adam Porr, and CURA director, Harvey Miller have received the 2023 JGS Best Paper Award for their article in the Journal of Geographical Systems, entitled “Realizable Accessibility: Evaluating the Reliability of Public Transit Accessibility Using High-Resolution Real-Time Data”. Their study introduces a new method, realizable real-time accessibility, to more accurately measure public transit accessibility to essential services, addressing overestimations by traditional methods that don't fully account for delays and assume perfect rider information. By applying this method to the Central Ohio Transit Authority bus system, the research confirms its effectiveness as a more conservative and realistic approach for transit planning, revealing consistent patterns of unreliability in traditional accessibility measures.

For more, see https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10109-022-00382-w

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