Training and Resources

Unfortunately, your new account isn’t automatically linked to the OSU organizational unit. If you would like to use ESRI training resources and/or ArcGIS Pro then you will need to do the following steps.  Send an email to with the following information:

Email Subject: Add “ESRI organizational account” without the quotes - doesn’t have to be italicized.

In the body of the email, add only the following information separated by commas:

  • your first name
  • your last name
  • your account name
    In most cases it will be something like IDM800xxxxxx_ohiostate – this is not your name.number account.  If you send the name.number you will have 2 accounts that are not linked – one for AGOL and one for access to training.
  • your email address
    If you want access to any of the following software then add that to your email (separated by commas)
    —ArcGIS Pro

    Other products (see conditions below):
    —Geoplanner for ArcGIS
    —AppStudio for ArcGIS Standard
    —ESRI Community Analyst
    —ESRI Business Analyst web app
  • e.g. jane, doe, IDM800xxxxxx_ohiostate,

Note: you will not receive access to ArcGIS Pro or the other products automatically.  You need to request access using the method described on this page.  There are additional products including Geoplanner for ArcGIS, AppStudio for ArcGIS Standard, ESRI Community Analyst, and ESRI Business Analyst web app that can be requested.  These last four products have an extremely limited number of seats, however, so keep that in mind if you request access to those products.  Since the number of seats is limited we will revoke access to these products at the end of every semester or if they haven’t been used in 3 months.  Data and maps stored there will be removed at that time.

We are requesting just the information listed above in order to automatically parse the emails. If we receive additional information or it is in a different format, then it may take longer to process.