• Authentication to AGOL is automated but is there anything that might stop it from working?

    We are using an authentication service provided by the OSU CIO to allow users to login or create accounts on AGOL using their OSU credentials. Some conditions will stop the automatic creation of AGOL account including the following:

    • If you have protected your account from distribution of your home address or email then FERPA rules apply so your account creation will likely fail.

    • Issues with your OSU account may cause a disruption of AGOL account creation or authentication to the service.

    • If you cannot log in using your OSU credentials then please email: with the following information:

      • A description of the problem

      • Your OSU ID

      • Describe the process you used to log in and any error messages you received

    • We can add accounts manually if the automated process doesn’t work.

  • What happens if I sign up for the service but never use it?

    We will likely institute a policy where users will be automatically deleted after a certain time period. The time period is still being decided but the initial period is one year. If you have an account and don’t use it for a year then it may be deleted. We will try to send out reminder emails but that automated process hasn’t been created yet.

  • What happens to my maps, data and analyses on the OSU AGOL?

    You manage these services on AGOL so they will be deleted if your user account is deleted. This can happen if you leave the university, don’t log in for an extended period of time, or if there is an issue with your account.

  • Are there things that can get my account banned or deleted?

    Yes. OSU Code of Conduct violations will require that we take actions to mitigate that behavior.

  • Anything else?

    Keep in mind that the use of the AGOL service for OSU is not guaranteed and the service may be terminated. If you want to ensure that you retain maps, data and analysis services then please make local backups.